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Employees work monitoring

Employees work monitoring is a sure way to increase their productivity

The employees who work in the office at the computer or remotely are partly on their own. Therefore, the productivity of the workflow can rapidly decline, especially if payment is made at a fixed rate. According to unofficial statistics, for this reason the employees do not strive to work for the achievement of the result.

How to increase employees productivity?

Wise managers have long used programs to track working hours.Read more

How To Monitor Work Of Call Center Staff?

Call center is an indispensable part of business in many companies. The staff of this department work on the processing of incoming calls and the providing of information via voice communication tools in the interests of a client company or progressive organization. A call center can be outsourced or internal (in-house).

Managers of a call center often needs to monitor the work of their staff members. How to do it right?Read more