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Monitoring of employees working via Internet

Ever since the remote work began to rapidly gain popularity, employers themselves understood their benefits from it. After all, they no longer need to pay for comfortably furnished presentable offices with tools and equipment for work, providing services nearby and other amenities. Now, they can have a staff of a qualified specialist, who not only benefits the company, but also independently arranges their own workplaces and provide all the necessary working conditions by themselves.Read more

marketing kpi monitoring

The 7 Marketing KPI Worth To Be Monitoring

It is known that a marketer productivity is high if the tasks are specific and, moreover, rewarded in the case of perfect execution. Key performance indicators (KPI) shows how effective an employee is in a particular area of ​​activity, namely, whether they fulfill all tasks on time, do their job duties and works well.

A KPI scorecard is needed to assign specific measures to increase personal efficiency. In turn, it manages every action taken in a specific period and benefits the company receives as a result of the work of each of its employees.Read more