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Beat the Worst Productivity Stereotype with a Time Tracking Application [Infographic]

Are you in a tough spot with staying productive at work?

One thing that might hold you from moving forward is stereotyping. There are some common productivity stereotypes which a lot of people just overlook.

Fortunately, you can spot them with the right tools, e.g. a time tracking application. Check out more in the infographic below:

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time tracking application

Overcome 3 Productivity Challenges with a Time Tracking Application

When it comes to productivity, the only metric that really matters is time. While everyone has the same amount of time every day, someone manages to get pretty much more done during the day than others.

So what makes your team less productive? And can you do something to quickly find it out?

Chances are good that you already have at least several suggestions. Here’re 3 common productivity challenges you’re very likely to see at every workplace and how to address them with a time tracking application.… Read more

daniel burrus

Edifying Time Tracking Lessons from Dan Burrus that You can’t Afford to Miss

Daniel Burrus is a keynote speaker, business strategist and one of the leading global futurists on trends and innovations.

He was the first and only futurist who in 1983 accurately predicted twenty technologies that would become the driving forces of business and economic change for decades to come.

Daniel helps businesses all over the world not only by consulting them but also by sharing his experience in books and on his blog.Read more

time tracking application

A Time Tracking Application Helps You Beat the Worst Productivity Stereotype

How do you know if you’re productive or not? It takes some guts to figure this out but, most likely, you’re using a certain explanation of what it means being productive to you.

However, it seems that everyone has a definition of their own. More often than not, this doesn’t mean that someone takes it right while someone is wrong. Probably the best way to interpret productivity is to decide what are your most important things at work.… Read more

Work hour tracker to change the way your company spends breaks

Change the Way your Company Spends Breaks using Work Hour Tracker

We all know that working eight hours straight and keeping productivity at its peak is impossible. Vice versa, the most productive people are those who take frequent breaks.

Employees need rest, and not only at night, so breaks are directly related to their productivity.

How work hour tracker can help increase employee productivity?

First of all, it gives you valuable insights.

By tracking time, you can find out which employees take the least breaks or don’t take them at all.… Read more

time tracking app

A Time Tracking App Reveals 4 Time Management Pitfalls You Should Avoid

What are some of the most common mistakes people make while trying to manage their time better and enhance productivity?

Once you know about them, you can think about some effective strategies to get rid of those pitfalls. A time tracking app like Yaware.TimeTracker is a very helpful tool to guide you along the way as it’s a great solution to get unbiased information on your performance.

Here’re 4 common time management mistakes it helps you to reveal and solve effectively.… Read more

time tracking app

Scheduling Active Thinking: A Time Tracking App Will Help

Do you have time to think at work?

This sounds weird because is it possible not to think about work while actually working? Strangely enough, most people don’t have time to really think about how and why they’re doing this and that.

Here’s some immensely useful information that a time tracking app revealed about our workplace productivity. In short, this is how it can be put: do you leave some time for active thinking about your performance in your schedule?… Read more

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Need to Reveal and Eliminate Productivity Gaps? Just Track Employee Hours

Time tracking is a valuable approach for many businesses. Whether you need to optimize your performance for productivity or track employee hours to see where the time goes, a time tracking app is a good option to consider.

It takes a lot to make daily workflow run smoothly. Hectic schedules and bad planning reduces productivity of your staff. This leads to productivity gaps – an unutilized time which just takes away energy and focus.… Read more

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A Time Management App: the Best Way to Stay Organized [Infographic]

How do you organize your day? Have you ever find it hard to keep up with the daily work and perform everything in time?

A great way to stop feeling frustrated about a great deal of unfinished work at the end of each day is to use a time management app like Yaware.TimeTracker.

Why should you use it?

The ultimate reason is that it’s quite hard to avoid common pitfalls unless you know exactly what holds you back.… Read more

time management app

3 Surprising Lessons a Time Management App Can Teach You

People often think the more time they have at their disposal, the more tasks they can get done. But do you know a major time management paradox? Although it sounds counterintuitive, the more time you have, the more difficult it is to manage it.

These days, when there are so many apps to make you productive, most people would like to have something a bit more fancy than just piles of notes reminding of what is to be done.… Read more