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Colin Boyd

Interview with Colin Boyd: “Understand How Your Brain Works to Become more Productive”

Who doesn’t look for ways to improve their performance and increase productivity? Everyone who understands the importance of being efficient immediately goes on Google and looks up different tools and techniques. But what is a better way to learn how to be more productive, than ask a productivity coach?

So, that’s what we did! We interviewed Colin Boyd, a productivity coach from Oxygen Coaching and Training to give you useful tips on enhancing not only your personal performance but also the performance of your business.… Read more


Productivity Software and Techniques to Make Employee Management a Pleasure

Being a manager means having or at least needing exceptional communicative, psychological and persuasion skills to “manage” the versatile types of employees you work with. You must have already noticed that brilliant professional skills and lots of experience don’t necessarily mean a great worker. The personality, ability to work in a team, attitude, ability to get into and deal with conflicts are sometimes definitive of the value an employee brings to the company.… Read more


7 Must-Have Time Management Apps for 2016

No matter whether you are an office worker, perform your duties “on the go” or work as a freelancer – becoming more productive and better organized will definitely do you good. The good news is, we aren’t going to suggest you any new techniques that mean putting in more efforts. On the contrary, this post tells how to improve your time management by… delegating it to assistants. No, we don’t suggest hiring people to manage your tasks.… Read more


Which Productivity Software from This List Are You Still Missing?

The striving to achieve higher productivity in all business aspects is somehow similar to speed racing. While talent and training are crucial for the sportsman to win the first prize, it’s hard to imagine Michael Schumacher break the tape first driving an obsolete racing car, isn’t it? The point is, even if you’ve got the brightest and most skillful staff, using the newest productivity techniques, but your computer hardware and software are obsolete, don’t expect miracles.… Read more


Time Tracking Software: Less Distractions and More Productivity with One Tool

“Internet surfing of non-work related nature results in up to a 40% loss of productivity each year for American businesses”- this objective statistical data embodies the nightmare of virtually every employer. No wonder everyone’s so obsessed with employee productivity – for the vast majority of businesses, salaries/wages are the biggest expenses. It is only natural for company heads to wish that their subordinates would constantly improve their productivity as their time and efforts are paid for.… Read more


Learn How to be More Productive with Tips from Nicole Chamblin

Who doesn’t want to be more productive and accomplish more throughout the day? But what should you do to become the owner of your time and not let the time own you?

We asked Nicole Chamblin, a productivity speaker and consultant. She shared her thoughts sand experience, and we accordingly share them with you!

1. You help people be more productive. How did you come to be a productivity speaker/consultant?

Read more

The Productivity Obsession. What Time Tracker Software Shows?

Nowadays, it sometimes seems that many companies are participating in the productivity race, constantly taking measures to boost it even more. Numerous studies are conducted in order to find the new methods of motivating employees to work better. Countless methods have been invented for training staff maximally use all of their resources and become more efficient.

Well, the desire to increase productivity is totally natural and understandable on the employer’s side.… Read more

productivity software

A Handy List of Productivity Software to Help Your Company Work Better Today

It seems that the world is obsessed with productivity. Everybody from students to CEO’s are looking for ways, methods and tools to work better or make their business more efficient.

With a proper productivity software at your fingertips, you or your company can achieve a lot more in a shorter period of time. But does anyone know what exactly productivity software is?

It is a software that is aimed to help an individual produce something, like document, image, video, music, etc.Read more


Helpful Apps for Ubuntu Including an Efficient Time Tracker for Linux

The debate between users of different operating systems never ends, each side trying to present their favourite as the best. So, if you’re a business owner picking the right OS for company needs, the best way not to do a big mistake is giving a test drive to the variants at stake and select the one best satisfying all the demands (which should be very clearly worded at the very beginning).… Read more


The Science of Productivity: How Time Tracking System Helps Get More Work Done

Procrastination – this fancy word is actually a scientific name of our trying to put off the most difficult tasks. We invent hundreds excuses and “extremely important” activities in order to win a little time and not perform what we have to, but don’t want to do. Without a doubt, you recognize some of your staff members in this description, but don’t hurry to make conclusions yet.

It turns out, this way of behaving stems from our brain peculiarities.… Read more