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5 Business Books That Will Turn Your Views Upside Down

Books have always been the means of learning something new. As a business owner, you simply don’t have the right to stop developing, and books are your best helpers in self-education. You want to succeed in your venture? Read the great business books that have already been acknowledged by thousands of people. They provide inspiration and fresh ideas for your career, business, relationships and life in general.

Choosing what to read is quite a task taken the number of influential books worth of attention.… Read more

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How to Handle Digital Overload in the World of 24/7 Availability

What do you usually do when you’re at a party and have no one to talk to? Or you walk in Starbucks to grab a cup of coffee and decide to stay inside to drink it? What do you do? That’s right, you take your phone to check Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Information technology has enabled people to create and consume huge flows of information, and be constantly available. The only question is, are we ready to handle this?… Read more

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Debunking Age Stereotypes with the Help of Time Tracker Software

A lot of our daily actions and decisions are subconsciously based on stereotypes, and it is no surprise. There are not so many people around who take courage not only to admit it, but also break the cliches and start working their own way around. In this post, we are going to bust the stereotypes about how age influences employee productivity and their work in general.

It is especially important nowadays when the competitive surroundings make it hard for employers to find the right people to work in their companies.… Read more


How Team Time Tracking Helps Build Healthy Work Atmosphere

Hiring only the best of the best professionals in the sphere and searching high and low for the brightest and most prospective new hires will be a waste of time if they cannot work as a team. And vice versa – creating healthy relationship between your employees and building a strong team even of mediocre staff members will bring the results far beyond your most optimistic expectations.

In similarity to sports teams, the success of teams within a company greatly depends not only on the “players”, but also on their coach.… Read more


Different Attitudes to Time Tracker App Around the World

They often say that different nations sometimes find it hard to understand each other because of the different mentalities. This way of thinking affects all spheres of life, causing sometimes totally opposing views on the same notion.

Let’s take time, for instance. In USA and Western Europe the saying ‘Time is money’ is perceived literally. The representatives of these nations treat time as precious and valuable, and regret wasting it. No wonder, since they believe that the more hours you work, the more success you’ll achieve and the better will be your profits.… Read more


Steve Jobs Would Love That: Time Tracker for Mac from Yaware

My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” This famous quote from one of the most charismatic and prolific CEOs in the history – Steve Jobs certainly makes one think harder over the value of time. Especially the time we dedicate to performing our work duties every day. It might seem simple – creating a daily agenda for the day ahead and sticking to it.… Read more


Why More and More Companies Start Using a Time Tracking App?

Each employer is undoubtedly concerned with the quality and efficiency of his/her employees’ work. Surely, who wants to pay money for the time they merely spend (sometimes waste) at an office rather than for the results?

However, now there are better ways than being “concerned”, like taking the work time under control.

Means of work time tracking

The first means of tracking work time appeared long ago – they are called timesheets and are used to write down the time of each employee starting and finishing work.… Read more

time tracker for mac

Why There Should Be a Time Tracker for Mac?

Fun fact: Apple had been founded on April’s Fools in 1976 and since then has grown into one of the biggest providers of technology, whose income exceeds the US Treasury.

It also has over 92,000 employees around the world. And your chances to get into Harvard are much higher than getting a job at Apple.

We also found out that the battery of an Apple Macbook could save you from a gunshot because it’s bulletproof.… Read more


A Formula to Measuring Employee Productivity for Service Industries

Every industry has its own approach to measuring employee productivity. However, some find it harder to assess the efficiency of teams’ performance due to certain circumstances.

Why is Measuring Employee Productivity More Difficult for Service Companies?

It is much easier for manufacturing industries to estimate the productivity of employees’ work: the more items they produce, the more productive they are.

However, things are more complicated for service industries, due to the intangible nature of the product involved.… Read more


Evolution From Ancient Stone Clock to Automatic Time Tracking Software

Are you wondering what was the main reason for tracking time and why time tracking app is so popular nowadays? There are many steps between how it started and how it looks right now, so let’s have a quick look on evolution of time tracking tools.

Ever wondered what was the reason for people to start tracking their time and why time tracking software is so popular nowadays? Let’s take quick look at the evolution of time tracking from stone clock to automatic time tracking software and see how it started and how it looks right now.… Read more