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Multitasking vs. Monotasking in the Battle for Higher Employee Productivity

During the recent decades, there’s been a severe competition between the two ways of working: multitasking and monotasking. Both are suggested as the means of getting more done during the same amount of time, or in other words, for the sake of productivity increase. However, the notions are totally opposite, and therefore many people are bewildered as to which strategy is really effective?

First of all, let’s clear up what the notions above mean.… Read more

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How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Team using Employee Management Software

Human resource management is pure talent. You have to own a lot of knowledge to put together a group of different people and create a complete synergy.

Besides, every person is individual and can sometimes unlock the full potential at certain circumstances.

Luckily, except for the knowledge, there is technology to cover the managers. E.g., employee management software can help learn some vital things about the work of the team and improve the workflow significantly.… Read more


How to Deal with Facebook Addiction? Time Tracking Tool and Other Ways

The word “Facebook” has now become synonymical to the social networks in general due to its wild popularity among other networking websites. It’s got around 1.4 billion monthly active users (that’s something like 25% of Earth’s population), and almost 900 million people use it daily. What it means is at least some or all your company employees tend to login to their FB profiles at least once a day while at work.… Read more


Top 4 Ways to Use Time Tracking Tool at Its Full Potential

Tracking work time isn’t a novelty for most employees, as it has been used for a long time already in different forms. Traditionally, it is associated with timesheets, where the start and end of the working day are written down or timeclocks which record the corresponding times and can even be integrated with accounting software.

Time tracking tools are frequently mistaken for the abovementioned means and believed to be able only to count the overall hours worked.… Read more

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How to Help Employees Overcome Internet Addiction Using Productivity Software?

Internet addiction is the new disease of the 21 century and it is accepted as a mental disorder.

Internet addiction disorder (IAD) comes in many forms. But altogether is stands for a developed attachment to an online world.

It is very easy to detect someone who’s developed such an addiction. They spend more time with their computer than with people, they are always on their phone checking Instagram or Twitter, they would rather stay home and what Netflix than go out with friends.Read more


Activities for Effective Teambuilding incl. Time Tracking System

In the race for winning new clients and keeping the existing ones happy, business owners and companies frequently put a great stress on the high service level, proper company reputation and beneficial partnership. However, they frequently omit or pay too little attention to one of the basic principles of a good company – healthy relationship between its major assets – the employees. It is them who are the heart and soul of the company, and frequently it is their attitude that plays the most important part in the customer’s decisionmaking process.… Read more


How to Overcome Distractions at Work, and if Time Tracking System Helps?

An office, a place that is created, furnished and equipped to provide those working in it every opportunity for productive activity, often contradicts its purpose. Some employees claim they work long hours or take their work home simply because they cannot concentrate in the busy environment. Moreover, they say that an hour of working in an empty office is worth half a day during the regular working hours.

This is no secret and no wonder, since an office is full of distractions, which, no matter how small and trivial, hinder in focusing on important tasks and sometimes are the reasons for failing important projects or being late for the deadline.… Read more


Keeping In-House and Remote Employees Productive Using a Time Tracking Tool

Every business is individual and has specific needs when it comes to human resources. Some businesses feel the need to have more office employees, then freelancers, and some vice versa.

But what, unites all businesses is the wish to measure and increase employee productivity, and that’s where a time tracking tool comes at handy.

But first, let’s compare the benefits of hiring a freelancer and an employee.

The Benefits Of Hiring a Freelancer

For starters, since a freelancer is not an official employee you don’t have to cover the taxes, provide health insurance and other employee benefits.… Read more


5 Awesome Tips to Increase Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

We live in a time of productivity, where it seems like society will judge you because of every wasted moment. There are tons of books, articles tools, and apps that help to increase personal and employee productivity.

And using them does make sense. Every year we are asked to do more with less, so optimizing the way we work and live is vital.

For that reason, here are five tips to help you increase employee productivity and bring the performance of your company to a new level:


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How to Beat 5 Efficiency Eaters Using a Productivity Tracker

Workplace efficiency is a hot topic for every manager and employee. The profits of the company directly depend on its employees and their efficiency.

When looking for ways to increase the efficiency of employees’ work, consider spending your time and effort to analyze what “eats” it first. A productivity tracker helps to make the analysis faster, more accurate, real and up-to-date.

Here is the list of common “productivity-eaters” and ways a productivity tracking software can help eliminate them:

1) Email

Surprisingly, email takes a lot of employee’s time.… Read more