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Benefits of Remote Employee Time Tracking For Employers and Freelancers

The Internet has revolutionized the way people work, enabling them to make a living and communicate with their employers from any spot on Earth. It has literally broken all geographical boundaries and initiated the appearance of a new type of worker – a remote employee, a.k.a freelancer.

Today, more and more people prefer freelancing since they aren’t bound by any full-time job obligations. They receive orders, fulfill them and get their reward – and remain their own bosses.… Read more

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How to Maximize Employee Productivity in a World of Distractions?

Сomputers and Internet greatly facilitate the work of millions of employees all over the world, and your company is no exception. However, they also bring in a lot of distractions that can eliminate the positive effects and pose a serious threat to employee productivity, aside from other factors. This is what worries employers all over the world and this is what they’re seeking a solution for.

Before you decide what to do about all the things that shift your employees’ focus from their duties to something else, it is important that you “know your enemies”.… Read more

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How to Balance Out the Workload Using a Time Tracking Service

You started worrying about some of your employees staying at the office much longer than everyone else? What about their colleagues that manage to arrive late, leave early and be found drinking coffee almost each time you leave your office?

Well, as long as you’re satisfied with the result of their work, there’s nothing to worry about – is this you’re hearing from others? In fact, your concern is totally understandable and it has solid ground.… Read more

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Top 3 Most Effective Ways of Measuring Employee Productivity

“If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling backwards” – this quotation is very true when applied to business. It’s unforgivable to be content with what you already have and stand still – because your competitors won’t be waiting for you to eventually start progressing and will very quickly take over.

So, if you’ve started thinking about improving employee productivity, it’s a great sign that you’re not willing to stay where you are now.… Read more

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Why Accurate Data Matters if You Want to Increase Employee Productivity

It is pretty much impossible to improve something if you don’t know what’s wrong with it and if there’s anything wrong at all.

E.g., you can’t improve the management methods used in your company, if you don’t do a little research and question employees about how satisfied they are with their managers; and it is very difficult to increase employee productivity if you know nothing or very little about the habits and time of your staff.… Read more


How to Increase Employee Productivity for Under 8 Dollars?

More and more employers today realize that their revenue depends not only on the number of sales/clients they’ve got, but also to a great extend – on their employees. Or, rather, their productivity. This metrics basically shows how much work is done during the same period of time. While it definitely is different for different employees due to a number of factors, the overall picture throughout the company can be pretty descriptive.… Read more


Stress and Its Effects on Employee Productivity

When you think about a top level manager, what image typically comes up in your mind? In all probability, this is a talented individual, demanding to him/herself and to others, working under stress all the time, frequently lacking patience and tolerance, prone to anger outbursts when results are below the expected. So, stress and anxiety are the most common traits of a stereotypical executive.

Moreover, people with equal talents, but with calmer disposition and less authoritative behaviour are often left behind when it comes to promotion to the top positions in the company.… Read more

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How to Increase Employee Productivity: Simple and Efficient Methods

You can’t ignore the fact that productivity of employees is the driver of your business. Certainly, we don’t diminish your contribution, but employees help you do the amount of work that you wouldn’t be able to do on your own.

So, if you want your business to be productive, then you have to cherish the productivity of your teams.

Inevitably, you will encounter factors that influence the staff in either good or bad way.… Read more

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Do’s and Don’ts to Increase Employee Productivity

If you are completely satisfied with the results of your business’ performance, then there’s definitely something wrong with it. Being completely satisfied means you’ve stopped looking for weak spots and ways of improvement. Accordingly, in some time, your business will miss out by relying on old trends while the others will win over your customers using cutting edge techniques.

The situation with workforce productivity pretty much the same – no matter what measures have already been taken to improve it, there’s always a way to do more.… Read more


Learn Why Employees Don’t Work as They Should Using a Time Tracker App

It is very unlikely, or at least happens really very seldom that a person takes up a job with the sole aim to screw up everything. For most employees, their work is the best means of self-realization, and they put in much efforts to achieve good results. However, the lack of willpower, perseverance and patience makes people easy to distract and their desire to work quickly vanishes under certain conditions.

You’ve definitely noticed that some of your employees demonstrate diligence and brilliant work results without any special incentives, while others require constant supervision, extra motivation and sometimes even punishment in order to attend to their direct duties.… Read more