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Time Management Software and Strategy That Is Only for Leaders

Did you have the chance to realize that the end of the year is so close and the new period of your life is just round the corner? Or are you so busy doing your job and ruling the company and making decisions and dealing with issues you hardly have time to look up? The situation is so common, especially at the end of the year, that most people consider it perfectly normal.… Read more


What Does Company Need to Succeed or Why Track Employee Hours?

Many beginner entrepreneurs believe that in order to start a business all that you need is your idea and the money necessary to be invested to give you the initial “push”. However, as soon as your business gets going, you realize those are insufficient, and there are much more things needed in order to prosper in what you’re doing.

Experienced businessmen, though each with a different formula of success, agree in the following point: the most valuable company assets are those that cannot be bought, like people, knowledge and time.… Read more

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How to Implement Time Keeping Software: A Painless Method

Every business owner is committed to the successful development of the company and its financial well-being. But on the way to success there are some obstacles that happen.

If projects don’t meet the deadlines, employee morale is poor and the productivity of your business wishes well, then you need a time keeping software.

But how will employees take the news of implementing a monitoring tool? This innovation can lead to resentment, resistance, and even to a chain of dismissals.… Read more


How to Build an Executive-Level Dream Team Using Time Tracking App

Successful businessmen share the belief that the company is not the office, location or products, no matter how cool they might be. In fact, it is the people behind it who make the difference. Therefore, when the need for new hires arises, for many company executives this means a lot of very serious thinking, because they correctly assume that bringing new people is one of the crucial decisions that can change the perspective of their business.… Read more

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How to Help Employees Overcome Internet Addiction Using Productivity Software?

Internet addiction is the new disease of the 21 century and it is accepted as a mental disorder.

Internet addiction disorder (IAD) comes in many forms. But altogether is stands for a developed attachment to an online world.

It is very easy to detect someone who’s developed such an addiction. They spend more time with their computer than with people, they are always on their phone checking Instagram or Twitter, they would rather stay home and what Netflix than go out with friends.Read more


Activities for Effective Teambuilding incl. Time Tracking System

In the race for winning new clients and keeping the existing ones happy, business owners and companies frequently put a great stress on the high service level, proper company reputation and beneficial partnership. However, they frequently omit or pay too little attention to one of the basic principles of a good company – healthy relationship between its major assets – the employees. It is them who are the heart and soul of the company, and frequently it is their attitude that plays the most important part in the customer’s decisionmaking process.… Read more


How to Overcome Distractions at Work, and if Time Tracking System Helps?

An office, a place that is created, furnished and equipped to provide those working in it every opportunity for productive activity, often contradicts its purpose. Some employees claim they work long hours or take their work home simply because they cannot concentrate in the busy environment. Moreover, they say that an hour of working in an empty office is worth half a day during the regular working hours.

This is no secret and no wonder, since an office is full of distractions, which, no matter how small and trivial, hinder in focusing on important tasks and sometimes are the reasons for failing important projects or being late for the deadline.… Read more

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Tracking Employee Hours: a Headache-Free Method

Tracking employee hours for HR managers has the same weekly scenario: every Friday there’s a pile of timesheets to review and tons of data to enter into the computer.

Is there a way to make it all easier for HR managers? Yes, there is.

What Does New Technology Offer?

Along with the way that technologies shift the way we work, they also offer solutions that allow to streamline major business and HRM processes.Read more

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How to Hire the Right People Using Time Tracking Software?

Well picked staff is a cornerstone of a successful company. If you want your business to prosper, then you have to pay a lot of attention to how you hire people.Time tracking software is a great help here, because it can tell you a lot about an employee during the probation period.

What should you pay attention to when hiring?

There are three vital things that you have to pay attention to:

  • education
  • professional experience/ability to learn fast
  • personality type

All seems clear, but let’s go through each of these bullets.… Read more

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Time Tracker for Linux: What if your Contractors Prefer Linux?

Growing startups and businesses has never been easier than it is today. And the main reason for that is the Internet. It removes all the limits and allows to leverage talents from all around the world.

You don’t have to squeeze all the people you want to hire into a small office or find the office that is big enough. Besides, usually startups just don’t have enough money to rent an office.… Read more