7 Tips on How to Be a Productive Programmer

In the modern world, such a profession as a programmer means a lot and is highly valued by employers. Today, in the new Internet era, companies can do nothing without such an engineer, and if he also has experience and is highly productive, then there will always be a great demand for his services!

Personal productivity of programmers is determined with the help of LOC (Line Of Code), its qualitative development.Read more

Efective Freelance

5 Important Programs for Efective Freelance

For each freelancer, it is important to use programs which help to manage time efficiently. After all, work of any person, who performs it without signing a long-term contract with an employer, personal productivity and meeting deadlines is a priority. For effective freelance, you can only rely on yourself, so you need to choose the appropriate software that will help you manage your work and monitor the implementation of tasks, taking all deadlines into account.Read more

marketing kpi monitoring

The 7 Marketing KPI Worth To Be Monitoring

It is known that a marketer productivity is high if the tasks are specific and, moreover, rewarded in the case of perfect execution. Key performance indicators (KPI) shows how effective an employee is in a particular area of ​​activity, namely, whether they fulfill all tasks on time, do their job duties and works well.

A KPI scorecard is needed to assign specific measures to increase personal efficiency. In turn, it manages every action taken in a specific period and benefits the company receives as a result of the work of each of its employees.Read more

The Legitimacy of Staff Tracking And Monitoring

No escaping from tracking and monitoring is what we get on the every-day basis in the XXI century. And we are not only talking about monitoring in the workplace but about personal monitoring. Regardless of the app you are using, you have a guarantee that this way you give some of your sensitive information for different institutions to process. To such information belong your name, address, phone number and even financial data.… Read more

Ten Hacks to Save Time and Boost Productivity

Every entrepreneur wants to get more out of his or her day. Unfortunately, willpower starts depleting, and will only take you so far. Trying to cram more into an already busy schedule is just going to make you less productive in the long run.

It’s important to realize that entrepreneurs are naturally ambitious people that tend to take on more than they actually have the time or energy for. Don’t get down on yourself if you can’t seem to “get it all done.” Nevertheless, it is still possible to hack your way towards increased productivity.… Read more

10 Ways to Boost Productivity

Have too many things to do in too little time? Well, this infographic on how you can boost productivity every day will certainly help. It focuses on to-do lists and making sure you actually complete items on the list. If you aren’t already using to-do lists, you really should be -they are one of the most effective methods of time organization out there and can really help you organize what you need to do and actually track that it gets done.As someone who has a hard time staying productive, I find this chart incredibly useful, especially the part about doing the hardest task first, which I don’t usually do on my to-do lists -although I’m great at knocking off the small tasks and batching things, so at least I’m not starting from the ground up here.… Read more

remote employee time tracking

10 Reasons Why Every Employee Needs Time to Recharge

When most people think about taking breaks at work, scurrying off into a corner and quickly eating lunch is often what comes to mind. Sadly, this doesn’t scratch the surface of what a break is capable of providing modern employees.

For breaks at work to be effective, there needs to be a refreshing change of pace that allows your staff to escape their work, even for just a short amount of time.… Read more

7 Productivity Tips For An Amazing Life

No matter how hard we wish to deny it or change it, life is short. And each of us has so many things we want to do. Yet, there never seems to be enough time.

In fact, there is more time than most of us realize; we just waste so much of it. Here are seven tips I have observed to make more of your time. Use these for business. Use these for daily life.… Read more

Cultivate These 5 Attributes to Turbocharge Team Performance

Organizations both large and small have assets of varying value. Whether it’s intellectual property, exclusive sales territories, large customer contracts, proprietary locations, access to financing instruments or any other asset, by definition there’s an inherent value.

However, the asset that supersedes them all is your people.

That’s because every other asset your organization or company possesses has to be managed and utilized by individuals. The wrong people can squander all of those resources.… Read more


5 Productivity Lessons Painfully Learned From Running Marathons

A few years back, I decided I wanted to run a full marathon before I turned 40.

I downloaded a training app, closely followed it and subsequently completed my first 26.2 mile distance within the top half of finishers for my age group, all with beaucoup energy and very little muscle or joint discomfort. I followed the same plan for five months and had a similar outcome with my second full marathon.Read more