Cloud based work hours tracker

5 Benefits of a Cloud-Based Work Hours Tracker

As the world of technology develops transforms the way that business is run. All the new software and apps have a great impact on workflow processes. As well as cloud computing.

Businesses move from traditional software to cloud-based solutions because of their benefits. Which ones? Keep reading to find out.

What are the benefits of cloud-based work hours tracker?

1. Fast and simple installation

The sequence of actions here is simple: you sign up for the tracker, download the app and start using it.Read more

track emplyee hours

Need to Reveal and Eliminate Productivity Gaps? Just Track Employee Hours

Time tracking is a valuable approach for many businesses. Whether you need to optimize your performance for productivity or track employee hours to see where the time goes, a time tracking app is a good option to consider.

It takes a lot to make daily workflow run smoothly. Hectic schedules and bad planning reduces productivity of your staff. This leads to productivity gaps – an unutilized time which just takes away energy and focus.… Read more

track employee hours

3 Ways to Track Employee Hours Efficiently

If you want to grow your business faster, it is vital to have precise data on time and productivity of your staff. How can you quickly get such data?

Tracking employee time is a basic activity business owners can consider to achieve this goal. They depend on these data to calculate payroll accurately, bill clients correctly and manage projects and daily work effectively.
Below are three tips on how to track employee hours efficiently so that your staff make the most of their productive time and your business grows faster.… Read more

how to measure employee productivity

How to Measure Employee Productivity Quickly and Easily?

As more businesses try to achieve greater efficiencies, managers are increasingly asking themselves: “How to measure employee productivity?”

What is employee productivity nowadays?

The way that people work has significantly changed throughout the years.

With the development of computers and pervasiveness of the Internet, businesses started to move from offline to online.

A normal workday of a manager, a marketer or a sales manager is now impossible to imagine without a use of a computer.… Read more

Tracking work time

5 Key Benefits of Tracking Work Time for Employees

It’s clear that implementation of an automated time tracking system can offer employers numerous benefits, such as cutting labor costs, increasing employees’ productivity and enhancing overall control.

But usually, employees don`t see any obvious benefits of their time being tracked. The idea of time tracking usually turns an employer into a Big Brother.

However, tracking work time has some great benefits, that will help employees have a better work-life balance, find a way to improve their performance and meet the deadlines.… Read more

Time tracking software

Someone Wants to Quit? Find Out About it Beforehand with Time Tracking Software

What will you do if tomorrow your highly skilled employee decides to quit? For certain, you will be confused. Indeed employee’s dismissal can cost you a lot. And the better the employee, the higher the cost of his/her dismissal.Just think about it: you have to look for a new specialist, provide training, probation. Meanwhile, the work will be done the wrong way or will not be done at all.

In accordance with labor laws, in some cases an employee can quit immediately.… Read more