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how to increase employee productivity

How to Increase Employee Productivity: Simple and Efficient Methods

You can’t ignore the fact that productivity of employees is the driver of your business. Certainly, we don’t diminish your contribution, but employees help you do the amount of work that you wouldn’t be able to do on your own.

So, if you want your business to be productive, then you have to cherish the productivity of your teams.

Inevitably, you will encounter factors that influence the staff in either good or bad way.… Read more


Time Tracking Software: Less Distractions and More Productivity with One Tool

“Internet surfing of non-work related nature results in up to a 40% loss of productivity each year for American businesses”- this objective statistical data embodies the nightmare of virtually every employer. No wonder everyone’s so obsessed with employee productivity – for the vast majority of businesses, salaries/wages are the biggest expenses. It is only natural for company heads to wish that their subordinates would constantly improve their productivity as their time and efforts are paid for.… Read more

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Do’s and Don’ts to Increase Employee Productivity

If you are completely satisfied with the results of your business’ performance, then there’s definitely something wrong with it. Being completely satisfied means you’ve stopped looking for weak spots and ways of improvement. Accordingly, in some time, your business will miss out by relying on old trends while the others will win over your customers using cutting edge techniques.

The situation with workforce productivity pretty much the same – no matter what measures have already been taken to improve it, there’s always a way to do more.… Read more


How Team Time Tracking Helps Build Healthy Work Atmosphere

Hiring only the best of the best professionals in the sphere and searching high and low for the brightest and most prospective new hires will be a waste of time if they cannot work as a team. And vice versa – creating healthy relationship between your employees and building a strong team even of mediocre staff members will bring the results far beyond your most optimistic expectations.

In similarity to sports teams, the success of teams within a company greatly depends not only on the “players”, but also on their coach.… Read more


Multitasking vs. Monotasking in the Battle for Higher Employee Productivity

During the recent decades, there’s been a severe competition between the two ways of working: multitasking and monotasking. Both are suggested as the means of getting more done during the same amount of time, or in other words, for the sake of productivity increase. However, the notions are totally opposite, and therefore many people are bewildered as to which strategy is really effective?

First of all, let’s clear up what the notions above mean.… Read more


Time Management Software and Strategy That Is Only for Leaders

Did you have the chance to realize that the end of the year is so close and the new period of your life is just round the corner? Or are you so busy doing your job and ruling the company and making decisions and dealing with issues you hardly have time to look up? The situation is so common, especially at the end of the year, that most people consider it perfectly normal.… Read more


How to Deal with Facebook Addiction? Time Tracking Tool and Other Ways

The word “Facebook” has now become synonymical to the social networks in general due to its wild popularity among other networking websites. It’s got around 1.4 billion monthly active users (that’s something like 25% of Earth’s population), and almost 900 million people use it daily. What it means is at least some or all your company employees tend to login to their FB profiles at least once a day while at work.… Read more


How to Build an Executive-Level Dream Team Using Time Tracking App

Successful businessmen share the belief that the company is not the office, location or products, no matter how cool they might be. In fact, it is the people behind it who make the difference. Therefore, when the need for new hires arises, for many company executives this means a lot of very serious thinking, because they correctly assume that bringing new people is one of the crucial decisions that can change the perspective of their business.… Read more


The Productivity Obsession. What Time Tracker Software Shows?

Nowadays, it sometimes seems that many companies are participating in the productivity race, constantly taking measures to boost it even more. Numerous studies are conducted in order to find the new methods of motivating employees to work better. Countless methods have been invented for training staff maximally use all of their resources and become more efficient.

Well, the desire to increase productivity is totally natural and understandable on the employer’s side.… Read more

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How to Help Employees Overcome Internet Addiction Using Productivity Software?

Internet addiction is the new disease of the 21 century and it is accepted as a mental disorder.

Internet addiction disorder (IAD) comes in many forms. But altogether is stands for a developed attachment to an online world.

It is very easy to detect someone who’s developed such an addiction. They spend more time with their computer than with people, they are always on their phone checking Instagram or Twitter, they would rather stay home and what Netflix than go out with friends.Read more