Guidelines to Follow when Choosing Employee Computer Monitoring Software [Infographic]

When choosing a software for you business, it is very important to make the right decision. You shouldn’t buy the first thing that you find without a little investigation.

Moreover, you should know exactly what you’re looking for.

As Dan Burrus said: “Businesses underutilize most of the tools they use”. You buy and pay for the software that has ten features, but, in fact, you use only three out of them.… Read more

[Infographic] Why Work Hour Tracker is the Best way of Tracking Time?

What are the ways that companies were tracking time couple of years ago? Long long ago, they used paper timesheets, and when computers started to become a more common thing – Excel spreadsheets.

Regardless the fact that about five years ago emerged the first work hour tracker that allows to make time recording easier and more accurate, a significant amount of companies still use manual ways.

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Benefits of online time tracking software

7 Benefits of Online Time Tracking Software [Infographic]

What was good as a method or tool for business a couple of years ago is now outdated or inefficient. Moreover, things that were impossible a couple of years ago, nowadays are common.

As technologies evolve, businesses step away from traditional software and move on to using cloud-based solutions.

Online time tracking software is no exception. A cloud-based time tracking gives businesses higher flexibility and more opportunities.

Check out the infographic to find out all the benefits of using an online time tracking software for your business.… Read more

Reasons to use work hours tracker

4 Reasons Why you Should Use a Work Hours Tracker [Infographic]

Using a work hours tracker does not allow you to run the business blindfold.

Not having a clue of how employees use their time and where your company loses it, means that you can’t be completely sure that the actions you undertake to improve the overall performance fit the reality.

Not tracking company’s time means that you are losing certain prospects and resources.
Check out the infographic to find out what you lose without work hours tracker and what are the benefits of using one, e.g.Read more

time tracking app

4 Time Management Pitfalls a Time Tracking App Reveals [Infographic]

Effective time management doesn’t really take much time and efforts. If you follow at least several actionable techniques, chances are good that you’ll be able to get much more done in less time.

There are also some time management pitfalls you should avoid to help your staff make the most of their time at work. With a time tracking app it’s easy as you’ll ensure your team is spending the time on things that matter most to work.… Read more

How to improve employee time management

How to Quickly Improve Employee Time Management [Infographic]

For every business employees’ time means money, potential customers and prospects. However, not all executives realize that and take care of employee time management within their company.

If you were selling something really expensive, e.g., diamonds for your livelihood, you would definitely have a place where you could safely store them.

So, why not do the same thing with employees time. Except you don’t have to guard it, you should manage it wisely and teach the staffers do the same thing.… Read more

increase employee productivity

3 Really Actionable Ways to Increase Employee Productivity [Infographic]

Everyone is talking about ways to increase employee productivity but how do you actually increase it?

A crowded landscape of business productivity area is full of ways to do this. However, you only need the ones that really work for your own company.

Below are 3 actionable ways to increase employee productivity and drive more value to your performance regardless of your business size and the industry it operates in. Check out the infographic for more info:

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why hours tracker is better that paper timesheet

3 Reasons Hours Tracker is Better than Timesheets [Infographic]

Tracking time is vital for any business. An hours tracker helps to discover much more about the performance of employees than paper timesheets or even an Excel spreadsheet.

The information about start and stop time is simply not enough to determine employee productivity or detect areas where your company loses time, and so, loses prospects.

If you know that your company could accomplish much more, but you don’t know exactly which approach to choose, begin by analyzing the performance of the staff using an hours tracker.… Read more

track employee hours

How to Track Employee Hours Quickly and Effortlessly [Infographic]

Entrepreneurs who want to see their teams high-spirited and their business thriving, need to know that work time is organized and distributed efficiently. Where and how do they obtain such data?

Tracking employee hours is one possible way to boost productivity. With the right apps, like Yaware.TimeTracker, it’s easy. Not only you can manage your team better, but also repeatedly motivate them to grow and improve. Check out the infographic for more details:

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10 Effortless Ways of Increasing Employee Productivity [Infographic]

When businesses are searching for ways to boost the profits and increase the efficiency of their performance, they often overlook one important factor – employees.

Employees are the cornerstone of company’s success, so if you’re looking for ways to boost your business, begin with employee productivity.

There are is a lot of ways to boost employee productivity, but only some of them work really well.

At Yaware.TimeTracker we are always looking for new ways to increase the productivity of your employees and happily share them with you.… Read more