eBook A Universal Time Tracking App: How Everyone in Your Company Сan Benefit from It

[eBook] A Universal Time Tracking App: How Everyone in Your Company Сan Benefit from It

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Time Tracking for Different Areas: Which Businesses Need It Most of All [free eBook]

How do you know if resources in your company are distributed effectively? And that the time is used productively?

For some businesses time tracking is simply irreplaceable. Why? Because for them time is the most important asset that either brings them profit or not. Staying ahead of competitors means doing the job faster than they do and repeatedly delivering higher customer value in less time.

Here are just several examples of the industries for which time tracking is really essential:

  • web developers;
  • marketing and SEO agencies;
  • call centers;
  • freelance;
  • media companies;
  • consulting firms and many others which you can find listed in this eBook.
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    Employee Time Tracking for Business

    eBook: 4 Big Problems Employee Time Tracking Software Can Solve for Your Business

    You have probably faced the situation when your business seems to just stop growing. Have you felt trouble in trying to figure out why this is happening?

    Obviously the best way to do this is by analyzing all the data on your business performance.

    But truth is that if you’ve got no precise figures at your disposal exactly when you need them you’ve got no way of knowing why you fall short and how you can fix it.… Read more

    Spacing effect

    How the Spacing Effect Makes You a Brilliant Learner

    If learning were easy, everyone would be smart and successful. Since it’s not easy it takes us a lot of effort, commitment and motivation to nail it.

    How does our brain decide what is worth remembering and what is not? Why do we remember some bits of gossip perfectly well while information related to our work might just disappear?

    It turns out that time intervals between learning new information are really important.… Read more

    Effective Learning

    eBook: 4 Tried and Tested Ways to Speed Up Effective Learning

    Really smart people are the ones who do have a natural curiosity and approach things from a different perspective. They’re not afraid of asking questions, try to get to the root of things, learn quickly and memorize even quicker and, yes, they do make the best of their jobs.

    Do you want to be like them?

    If yes, you’re in the right place because here’s your portion of some useful information on effective learning that really works.… Read more

    Inattentional Blindness

    Inattentional Blindness or How We Miss Important Things

    A few years ago, researchers at Harvard University conducted an interesting experiment. A group of people were asked to watch a short video with 6 basketball players (three in white shirts, the other three – in black). They were also asked to silently count the number of passes players in white shirts made.

    Then suddenly a gorilla appeared on the screen for about 9 seconds. Would you see it?

    Of course I’d see it, you would think.… Read more

    6 Real Reasons for Forgetting Everyone Should Know

    Why do we forget?

    We do not bother ourselves much with the answer: once you forget something your biggest problem is to recall it, not to think why the information just disappeared from your head. But maybe if we would look at why we forget closer, the whole issue of forgetting wouldn’t be so disturbing?

    For effective learning, memory is as essential as the air to breathe. The quicker you memorize, the easier the learning process is.Read more


    Why Simplicity Is an Excellent Learning Strategy

    Every day we learn – at times consciously and purposefully, at times without even realizing it. Learning is an on-going process which is good because otherwise we won’t be able to adapt to the outside world quickly.

    For a learning strategy to be really effective and most importantly, enjoyable, it has to be understandable – a fact which we often forget chasing after complicated learning techniques, methods and practices.

    This is not to say that simplistic attitudes towards everything must prevail.… Read more

    Cognitive Biases

    eBook: What Cognitive Biases Are Covering Up and Why Decision-Making Is At Risk

    The human brain contains 100 billion nerve cells. Together they make it possible to activate 1016 processes per second. To compare, the fastest computer in the world, the K supercomputer (Japan), can reproduce just 1% of human brain activities.

    It seems with power like this humans can be capable of anything. Yet the disappointing reality is that the same organ which makes us the most talented beings on earth can at the same time fail to provide us with a plausible picture of that world around us.… Read more

    Frequency Illusion

    Frequency Illusion or Why Some Words Are Chasing Us

    Frequency illusion, or the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, is a cognitive bias which describes a curious psychological fact: after learning some bit of new information we start noticing it everywhere else. We can’t help marvelling at how it follows us and take it merely as a funny coincidence. Yet there’s nothing coincidental in it and the explanation is really simple.

    Evidence shows frequency illusion happens just too often to be treated like a mere coincidence.… Read more