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5 Best Practices for Using PC Monitoring Software

PC monitoring software brings numerous options for the business development. But implementation of such a tool is often followed by some resentment and misunderstanding.

Let’s make it clear once in for all. Yes, employers can use a computer monitoring software because employees are paid for the time they spend at work. Besides, everything that employees do on company computers matters, so computer monitoring is an essential thing.

On the other hand, employees have the right for some privacy at the workplace.… Read more

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Pros and Cons of Using Screen Monitoring Software

Screen monitoring software if often taken with a fierce resistance. Employees think that it is implemented only for surveillance. But it actually has benefits for the employees themselves.

So should it be resisted?

Pros of using a screen monitoring software

1. It eliminates wasted time

Having a screen monitoring software, you will notice how the overall productivity grows.

Naturally, being aware of the screenshot taking, employees become more conscious about how they use their working time.… Read more

Remote Employee Monitoring.

Remote Employee Monitoring. There Is a Solution!

The development of technology has led to the fact that nearly 40% of employees go to work “virtually”. Most often it is the people of creative and IT professions (designers, artists, programmers, testers).

But, despite the fact that telecommuting is gaining popularity, some managers continue to treat it with caution. And all because remote employee monitoring is difficult. Moreover, sometimes it is impossible.

But with the advent of time tracking software, everything has changed.… Read more

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Internet Monitoring Helps to See Where Time Goes

Internet monitoring might look like something a company which doesn’t really trust its staff would do. It’s a one-sided perspective of course. In fact, the benefits it provides easily outweigh its possible disadvantages.

While no one is going to argue that these days the Internet is indispensable to any business / individual, it’s also clear it powerfully tempts us to do things which are not related to our job at all – most frequently during work hours.… Read more

3 Ways to Ethically and Legally Monitor Employees Online

Employers have an established right to monitor employees online. The current US laws say that it is legal to monitor employee computer and Internet usage, yet the questions of ethics and privacy arise.

There are several reasons employers feel forced to monitor employees online:

  • exclude the leaking of sensitive or important information;
  • assure the compliance of company policies;
  • secure data in case of lawsuits;
  • make sure that the workplace is free from harassment;
  • define and increase employee productivity.
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How to Solve the Biggest Problems With Computer Monitoring Software

Everything that employees do on company computers and company time matters! And procrastination at a time when employees should be working especially matters. In this article, we’re going to discuss the common ways of wasting company time and how to solve these problems using computer monitoring software.

The simple truth: employees waste time at work

Distractions at work are endless. Employees are bombarded with thousands or even millions of new photos, tweets, videos, blog posts, etc.… Read more

Employee Internet Monitoring: Let the Network Work for You

The computer is an essential part of every life in the office. However, it is also a time eater. The Internet offers a variety of information which makes it easy to “get lost” in the network and forget about the work.

At the end of each day, plans are not fulfilled and deadlines are not met. Plans are then transferred to the next day. This is then carried out in haste which has a negative affect on the quality of work.… Read more


How to Track Internet Usage The Easy Way

Tracking Internet usage seems very heavy-handed for employers and draconian for employees. Website ban or a strict Internet usage policy are usually inefficient. Before we tell you how to track Internet usage at work in a hassle-free method, consider the following.

The problem is HUGE

Wasted time at work is common and most the important challenge that companies all around the world are faced with. The losses for businesses are counted in billions.… Read more

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How Do You Monitor Internet Usage of your Employees ?

Computers and Internet access were originally brought into the workplace to allow greater work capacity with lowered costs. To some extent the Internet has led to the opposite in the American workplace. Internet misuse is the #1 cause for productivity decrease in the offices without surveillance software, or any kind of Internet monitoring software.

Occasional browsing is fine during lunch hours and coffee breaks but too much time spent on non-official internet browsing shouldn’t be acceptable.… Read more

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How Can You Track Employee Internet Usage?

Who hasn’t used the Internet at work for personal use? With things like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook ,and access to instant messaging and e-mail, the temptation is almost irresistible.

Even though not every person has access to the Internet at work, the majority do. That’s why it’s important to track employee Internet usage.

Why should you track Internet usage at work?

On average employees spend between one or two hours a day using the Internet for personal use.… Read more