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Happy 2016 Our Dear Friends!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Get Your Presents from Yaware!

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Winter Holidays are Upon Us! So It Is Time for Presents!

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Yaware.TimeTracker Reviewed by FinancesOnline Team

Have you already implemented employee time tracking software at your company? Are you still considering different solutions? Or perhaps you are already one of the happy Yaware clients?

Nevertheless, you might be interested in an independent review of Yaware.TimeTracker done by team of FinancesOnline. This independent B2B software review platform picks only the best apps for review. It makes your choice of the software easier and more convenient.

So, now you can:

  • check out the features of Yaware.TimeTracker pointed out by professionals;
  • rate our time tracking software or leave a review of your own;
  • join the vast community of satisfied Yaware.TimeTracker users.
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The People Behind Yaware – Interview for Franchise Gator

Yaware develops services, that allow to streamline different business processes and increase employee productivity. Thanks to them, you and your employees can work smarter not harder.

There are already four products live:

  • Yaware.TimeTracker, which allows to measure and increase productivity of office workers;
  • Yaware.Mobile aimed to track work of mobile employees;
  • Yaware.Video, designed to monitor staff work on factories;
  • Yaware.Dashboard, created to view all vital company data in one screen;
  • and more are about to come soon.
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Who is 5 Years Old Today? That’s Right, We Are!

Several years ago a founder of a small but steady company wondered about how he could increase the productivity of working at the computer. And so, he created a solution – time tracking software. This was the precondition for the fact that on September 23, 2010, a company called Yaware was established.

Nowadays it is known and used by 1976 companies all around the world, beginning with the USA and ending with India, to increase the efficiency of employees’ work.Read more

Review of Yaware.TimeTracker

Get Awarded For Writing a Review on Yaware.TimeTracker!

Yaware.TimeTracker is listed on more than 300 business software directories, and one of them gives a great praise for sharing your detailed authentic review of our product.

G2 Crowd, an independent review site, gives an amazing opportunity to win a $15 Amazon gift card for writing a review on Yaware.TimeTracker.

All you have to do is sign in with your LinkedIn account and tell the world how Yaware.TimeTracker helped you and your company become more productive.Read more

Bitcoin: a New Way for Purchasing Yaware.TimeTracker

Bitcoin is a payment system that has its own currency unity: bitcoins. It is a great experiment that, if successful can change the economic relationships between humans on a fundamental level.

Why is it so newsworthy?

Any existing payment system involves third party companies (mostly banks). This means that all your transactions go through a central system and can be interrupted by third party participant.

So, when you pay using PayPal, the company can interrupt or decline the operation, and the speed of transaction completion depends on third party participant.… Read more

No spyware, viruses or backdoors! Approved by Softpedia.

Recently we received an email with some great news! Yaware.TimeTracker has been certified and received “100% CLEAN” Softpedia award.

For those who don’t know, Softpedia is a library of over 1 million free and free-to-try software programs for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, games and gaming tools, Windows device drivers, mobile devices and IT-related articles.

So here’s what they told us:

“As you may already know, Yaware.TimeTracker, is part of Softpedia’s database of software programs for the Windows operating system.… Read more

Find Yaware on TrustRadius

Yaware is now listed on TrustRadius, the leading website for business app users to share their experience with tech solutions. TrustRadius helps make better purchase decisions by providing real feedback from users. TrustRadius is also well-known for publishing only thorough and inclusive reviews, unlike the majority of rating sites.

We value your opinions on how else Yaware could be improved. For this reason we’ve made sure you have access to transparent and detailed information on Yaware which TrustRadius carefully selects.… Read more