Personal Productivity Monitoring

Personal Productivity Monitoring | Guide for Marketer

Today, work of every specialist, including the marketer, includes the issue of personal productivity control. The main problems that an employee faces when performing a particular task is switching attention, when they dont work at full capacity.

In line with this, it can be concluded that personal productivity implies an exact focus on the implementation of a specific task to the maximum extent. Therefore, experts in the field of psychology often prioritize the issues of monitoring of personal effectiveness.Read more

Employees Monitoring Program

Employees Monitoring Program: Pros and Cons

Today, automated personnel control systems are becoming increasingly popular with companies’ management. Any manager wants his subordinates to do work tasks at their workplaces, not unrelated activities or playing computer games.

Monitoring of employees activities has always been there. However, if earlier this was often limited only to time tracking of their arrival and leaving the workplace, today a set of software tools is used which can include even programs for listening to telephone conversations and reading emails of the persons under control.Read more

Personal Productivity Tracking | Guide for Programmers

Each programmer have definitely faced the problem of personal productivity control. When work takes all the time, it is difficult to plan spare hours, and to sort out work tasks by their importance. Moreover, the deadlines can be short, and persons understand that they do not have time to meet them. In this situation they realize they need to control the workflow.

Personal efficiency depends on the following factors:

  • personal goal setting;
  • productivity;
  • resources spent.
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How To Monitor Work Of Call Center Staff?

Call center is an indispensable part of business in many companies. The staff of this department work on the processing of incoming calls and the providing of information via voice communication tools in the interests of a client company or progressive organization. A call center can be outsourced or internal (in-house).

Managers of a call center often needs to monitor the work of their staff members. How to do it right?Read more

Make Your Office Employees More Productive

20 Ways to Make Your Office Employees 20x More Productive

Every manager wants their employees to be fully committed to the work process. This is the best way to achieve business success, profit and professional growth, plus this helps to open new job positions.

Personal productivity is necessary not only for the manager, but also for employees, too. There are serious reasons for this:

  • self-fulfillment;
  • self-development;
  • professional level increase;
  • punctuality;
  • self-discipline;
  • responsibility.

Such qualities are a good addition to any CV and a great advantage of an applicant.Read more

Increase Personal Productivity

10 Apps to Increase Personal Productivity of Your Programmers

For several years ahead, such a highly demanded profession as a programmer will be considered not only prestigious, but also very well-paid. To reach the highest professional level and become a true specialist, you need to learn new things, practice constantly and gain new knowledge.

There are a number of programs to increase productivity of the programmers, both beginners and experienced ones. It will be useful not only for the employer.Read more

7 Tips on How to Be a Productive Programmer

In the modern world, such a profession as a programmer means a lot and is highly valued by employers. Today, in the new Internet era, companies can do nothing without such an engineer, and if he also has experience and is highly productive, then there will always be a great demand for his services!

Personal productivity of programmers is determined with the help of LOC (Line Of Code), its qualitative development.Read more

Efective Freelance

5 Important Programs for Efective Freelance

For each freelancer, it is important to use programs which help to manage time efficiently. After all, work of any person, who performs it without signing a long-term contract with an employer, personal productivity and meeting deadlines is a priority. For effective freelance, you can only rely on yourself, so you need to choose the appropriate software that will help you manage your work and monitor the implementation of tasks, taking all deadlines into account.Read more

marketing kpi monitoring

The 7 Marketing KPI Worth To Be Monitoring

It is known that a marketer productivity is high if the tasks are specific and, moreover, rewarded in the case of perfect execution. Key performance indicators (KPI) shows how effective an employee is in a particular area of ​​activity, namely, whether they fulfill all tasks on time, do their job duties and works well.

A KPI scorecard is needed to assign specific measures to increase personal efficiency. In turn, it manages every action taken in a specific period and benefits the company receives as a result of the work of each of its employees.Read more

The Legitimacy of Staff Tracking And Monitoring

No escaping from tracking and monitoring is what we get on the every-day basis in the XXI century. And we are not only talking about monitoring in the workplace but about personal monitoring. Regardless of the app you are using, you have a guarantee that this way you give some of your sensitive information for different institutions to process. To such information belong your name, address, phone number and even financial data.… Read more