4 Productivity Experiments That Changed Attitude at the Workplace

Productivity experiments
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Since work is among the major means of self-actualization and influences us in literally everything we do, it’d be only natural for us to at least try to dig deeper into the matter.

A purpose of this eBook is to provide you with a better insight into this issue: what you should and shouldn’t do at work and why, as well as what reactions and responses managerial decisions can trigger on the part of staff.

In this eBook we focus on 4 productivity experiments conducted to study why people might find it hard to work productively and feel happy and inspired about their occupations. We’ve also included an overview of obstacles they might face at work with regard to each particular experiment.

These 4 experiments are:

1. F. Taylor’s experiment with pig iron;

2. Hawthorne experiments;

3. experiments in the Israeli army which resulted in discovering the Pygmalion effect and

4. the Golem effect.

You’ll also see how the approaches to productivity had been changing since the dawn of the 20th century and how we now recognize an individual as the most critical success factor for any organization.

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