Monitoring of desk work time of retail trade staff

Automation of many processes in different fields of human activity was really beneficial. Routine and standard fillings of graphs, tables, various kinds of documents are a thing of the past and freed up a lot of time for useful things.

Retail trade is one of the most complex activities and requires careful and constant monitoring. Automating of this process will help to keep correct statistics and adjust the process on the basis of the data collected, improving it.Read more

Employees work monitoring is a sure way to increase their productivity

The employees who work in the office at the computer or remotely are partly on their own. Therefore, the productivity of the workflow can rapidly decline, especially if payment is made at a fixed rate. According to unofficial statistics, for this reason the employees do not strive to work for the achievement of the result.

How to increase employees productivity?

Wise managers have long used programs to track working hours.Read more

7 ways to increase productivity of an online consultant

Such a job as an online consultant appeared relatively recently, but it definitely became popular, and every day the demand for such specialists is growing.

A good consultant provides any company with quality service, profit growth, creates a reputation and, of course, is able to increase customer interest. According to statistics of 2017 and user surveys, even a very good bot can not replace a live chat with a human consultant.Read more


Timetracking of Marketing Company Employees

Often, a marketing company management faces the necessity to monitor its employeeswork. This may be due to various reasons, for example, an employee of a particular department does not keep the working schedule or solves personal issues at work. Some employees may even neglect their duties and use the Internet for their personal purposes.

You can try to record every action of the staff members by yourself. In order to do this, you need to constantly be with the employees, watch them accurately execute their job instructions.Read more

Personal Productivity Monitoring

Personal Productivity Monitoring | Guide for Marketer

Today, work of every specialist, including the marketer, includes the issue of personal productivity control. The main problems that an employee faces when performing a particular task is switching attention, when they dont work at full capacity.

In line with this, it can be concluded that personal productivity implies an exact focus on the implementation of a specific task to the maximum extent. Therefore, experts in the field of psychology often prioritize the issues of monitoring of personal effectiveness.Read more

Employees Monitoring Program

Employees Monitoring Program: Pros and Cons

Today, automated personnel control systems are becoming increasingly popular with companies’ management. Any manager wants his subordinates to do work tasks at their workplaces, not unrelated activities or playing computer games.

Monitoring of employees activities has always been there. However, if earlier this was often limited only to time tracking of their arrival and leaving the workplace, today a set of software tools is used which can include even programs for listening to telephone conversations and reading emails of the persons under control.Read more

Personal Productivity Tracking | Guide for Programmers

Each programmer have definitely faced the problem of personal productivity control. When work takes all the time, it is difficult to plan spare hours, and to sort out work tasks by their importance. Moreover, the deadlines can be short, and persons understand that they do not have time to meet them. In this situation they realize they need to control the workflow.

Personal efficiency depends on the following factors:

  • personal goal setting;
  • productivity;
  • resources spent.
Read more

How To Monitor Work Of Call Center Staff?

Call center is an indispensable part of business in many companies. The staff of this department work on the processing of incoming calls and the providing of information via voice communication tools in the interests of a client company or progressive organization. A call center can be outsourced or internal (in-house).

Managers of a call center often needs to monitor the work of their staff members. How to do it right?Read more

Make Your Office Employees More Productive

20 Ways to Make Your Office Employees 20x More Productive

Every manager wants their employees to be fully committed to the work process. This is the best way to achieve business success, profit and professional growth, plus this helps to open new job positions.

Personal productivity is necessary not only for the manager, but also for employees, too. There are serious reasons for this:

  • self-fulfillment;
  • self-development;
  • professional level increase;
  • punctuality;
  • self-discipline;
  • responsibility.

Such qualities are a good addition to any CV and a great advantage of an applicant.Read more

Increase Personal Productivity

10 Apps to Increase Personal Productivity of Your Programmers

For several years ahead, such a highly demanded profession as a programmer will be considered not only prestigious, but also very well-paid. To reach the highest professional level and become a true specialist, you need to learn new things, practice constantly and gain new knowledge.

There are a number of programs to increase productivity of the programmers, both beginners and experienced ones. It will be useful not only for the employer.Read more