21 obligatory things for your workplace

21 obligatory things for your workplace

Optimization of the workplace implies not only an attractive and aesthetic look, but also the rational use of space, a nice atmosphere and a convenient arrangement of all the necessary things.

Scientists from various countries have proved that order in the workplace reduces the risk of stressful situations and has a positive effect on concentration. Moreover, the more useful and necessary things are in the workplace, the less a worker will be distracted from work.Read more

Check list of successful marketer: software and cases

At first glance, such a profession as a marketer may seem boring and somewhat easy; however, this is not true at all. To begin with, it is worth noting that this type of work took fourth place in the ranking of jobs with the possibility of remote employment in 2018. Just a few years ago, the requirements for specialists were pretty simple. The list of their duties consisted of only two or three points, and now there are at least 10 of them!Read more

Task Delegation Automatisation Program

Successful Task Delegation Automatisation Programm – Yaware

The key to companys success is its development, the profit growth depends on the whole team without exception. For this, the company needs to coordinated work of the entire staff, from managers to their subordinates. It will be such under the following conditions:

  • responsible attitude of employees to their own duties;
  • having a desire to work;
  • proper distribution of projects;
  • fulfillment of tasks in time.

How to delegate tasks correctly

In order to achieve good results, first of all you should delegate tasks correctly.Read more

monitoring of employees working

Monitoring of employees working via Internet

Ever since the remote work began to rapidly gain popularity, employers themselves understood their benefits from it. After all, they no longer need to pay for comfortably furnished presentable offices with tools and equipment for work, providing services nearby and other amenities. Now, they can have a staff of a qualified specialist, who not only benefits the company, but also independently arranges their own workplaces and provide all the necessary working conditions by themselves.Read more

Productivity Increasing Program: How Does It Work

Increasing the productivity of employees at the computer in fact, isn’t as easy as it may seem at first glance. At first, you must analyze in detail the current workflow, identify the bottlenecks and only then – start working on them. Problems arise already in the first step: how to analyze the performance of the employee at the computer?

For this case, the developers have created the assistant program Yaware.Timetracker.Read more

project management software

Best project management software | Yaware.Timetracker

There is now a unique program that is designed for managers, IT-specialists, all specialists with remote employment, and HR-managers, the project management and time tracking software Yaware.Timetracker.

The functionality of this software exceeds all previously known and allows you to automate a lot of processes that require accuracy. The first task of the program is to collect data about everything that happens for a full work day. The information can be recorded individually on each of the employees, or on the entire team of specialists.Read more

Monitoring of desk work time of retail trade staff

Automation of many processes in different fields of human activity was really beneficial. Routine and standard fillings of graphs, tables, various kinds of documents are a thing of the past and freed up a lot of time for useful things.

Retail trade is one of the most complex activities and requires careful and constant monitoring. Automating of this process will help to keep correct statistics and adjust the process on the basis of the data collected, improving it.Read more

Employees work monitoring

Employees work monitoring is a sure way to increase their productivity

The employees who work in the office at the computer or remotely are partly on their own. Therefore, the productivity of the workflow can rapidly decline, especially if payment is made at a fixed rate. According to unofficial statistics, for this reason the employees do not strive to work for the achievement of the result.

How to increase employees productivity?

Wise managers have long used programs to track working hours.Read more

7 ways to increase productivity of an online consultant

Such a job as an online consultant appeared relatively recently, but it definitely became popular, and every day the demand for such specialists is growing.

A good consultant provides any company with quality service, profit growth, creates a reputation and, of course, is able to increase customer interest. According to statistics of 2017 and user surveys, even a very good bot can not replace a live chat with a human consultant.Read more


Timetracking of Marketing Company Employees

Often, a marketing company management faces the necessity to monitor its employeeswork. This may be due to various reasons, for example, an employee of a particular department does not keep the working schedule or solves personal issues at work. Some employees may even neglect their duties and use the Internet for their personal purposes.

You can try to record every action of the staff members by yourself. In order to do this, you need to constantly be with the employees, watch them accurately execute their job instructions.Read more