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Productivity Software That Can Make You an Awesome Boss

Becoming a boss is a dream of many people, and it is no wonder. High salary, overall respect, lots of perks and having no one “above” – these are often associated with the top positions in business. But this is just one side of the coin, and although it is more conspicuous, it is “smaller”. The bigger, and more significant part of being at the steering wheel of the company is way less attractive.… Read more

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Why Time Tracking Online is Beneficial for your Business?

Because time tracking comes in different forms, shapes, and distributions, any business can find the best option.

When it comes to using a time tracking software for monitoring employees’ work at the computer, an online system is more beneficial.

Time tracking online presents a lot more opportunities for the companies, comparing to a locally hosted time tracking. But don’t just take our word, check these benefits below:

The benefits of implementing an online time tracker

You save money, and most importantly time

Time and money are the two most valuable assets for any type of business.… Read more


Why Managers Underutilize Time Tracking Software and How to Fix This?

Along with the rapidly growing number of employees working on the computers, especially with Internet connections, employers have faced a serious challenge – taking staff activity under control. The traditional means of time tracking software like timesheets or biometric scanners don’t quite do the job, since they only count the overall time a person spent at the office or display the info on tasks and their duration an employee entered into a timesheet.… Read more


Stress and Its Effects on Employee Productivity

When you think about a top level manager, what image typically comes up in your mind? In all probability, this is a talented individual, demanding to him/herself and to others, working under stress all the time, frequently lacking patience and tolerance, prone to anger outbursts when results are below the expected. So, stress and anxiety are the most common traits of a stereotypical executive.

Moreover, people with equal talents, but with calmer disposition and less authoritative behaviour are often left behind when it comes to promotion to the top positions in the company.… Read more

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Does Use of a Time Tracking Program Affect Employee Satisfaction?

Does employee satisfaction matter for the productivity? A 100% yes! You see, people who are not satisfied with either their working conditions, paycheck, the job they do or the way that manager treats them will not give their best to achieve the goal/s.

That is why it is so important to have a proper office, rewards the skills fairly and tame the bad managers.

Not that you’ve done all that, employees seem to be happy.… Read more

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[Infographic] 6 Ways to Make the Life of Your HR Easier with the Help of Automatic Time Tracking

Not everybody can become an HR-manager. To be one, you have to possess huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm. And most importantly, get powered from being around and talking to people.

HR-managers daily process massive amounts of information, and often they also have to collect that information. In addition, they have to prepare corporate events, find candidates for open vacancies, run interviews ….oh, don’t you feel overwhelmed already? Now that’s what HR’s deal with every day.… Read more


Which Productivity Software from This List Are You Still Missing?

The striving to achieve higher productivity in all business aspects is somehow similar to speed racing. While talent and training are crucial for the sportsman to win the first prize, it’s hard to imagine Michael Schumacher break the tape first driving an obsolete racing car, isn’t it? The point is, even if you’ve got the brightest and most skillful staff, using the newest productivity techniques, but your computer hardware and software are obsolete, don’t expect miracles.… Read more

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How to Increase Employee Productivity: Simple and Efficient Methods

You can’t ignore the fact that productivity of employees is the driver of your business. Certainly, we don’t diminish your contribution, but employees help you do the amount of work that you wouldn’t be able to do on your own.

So, if you want your business to be productive, then you have to cherish the productivity of your teams.

Inevitably, you will encounter factors that influence the staff in either good or bad way.… Read more


Time Tracking Software: Less Distractions and More Productivity with One Tool

“Internet surfing of non-work related nature results in up to a 40% loss of productivity each year for American businesses”- this objective statistical data embodies the nightmare of virtually every employer. No wonder everyone’s so obsessed with employee productivity – for the vast majority of businesses, salaries/wages are the biggest expenses. It is only natural for company heads to wish that their subordinates would constantly improve their productivity as their time and efforts are paid for.… Read more

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Do’s and Don’ts to Increase Employee Productivity

If you are completely satisfied with the results of your business’ performance, then there’s definitely something wrong with it. Being completely satisfied means you’ve stopped looking for weak spots and ways of improvement. Accordingly, in some time, your business will miss out by relying on old trends while the others will win over your customers using cutting edge techniques.

The situation with workforce productivity pretty much the same – no matter what measures have already been taken to improve it, there’s always a way to do more.… Read more